Photo: Maddie Moran

Miriam Avital Levenson is a trans-disciplinary artist and craftsperson. They create using an iterative process, refining and drawing out ideas in different mediums to thoroughly explore and pin down new ideas. Their art is whimsical and joyful, reflecting silly joys that pop up in the mundane. Their art parodies traditional concepts while blurring the (fake) lines between fine art and craft. They often return to themes of community, using the world around them as a mirror and springboard to design and fabricate new pieces. They prototype, design, and finish pieces by hand, by laser cutting, and with a myriad of other mediums. They utilize traditional linoleum printing, screenprinting, and ditigal drafting, often combining mediums, or shifting an idea through mediums to find the place where it becomes more than what it was.

Miriam is a founding member of The Spookyhaus, a transgender art collective based in Berkeley, California. Through The Spookyhaus they produce Art Jam, an annual festival for transgender artists to learn, experiment, and play. Their goal is to help empower underrepresented communities to create and share their art, by creating space that uplifts and respects TGNC artists.

They serve as Production Specialist at Mosaicli, designing experiences that instill core values and bring people together. They also teach laser cutting at Ace Makerspace, helping introduce people to new methods of making art and encouraging growth with technology. These interactions inform and inspire their personal art practice, which is always adapting and developing. Miriam’s work has been showcased at Culture Summit, CultureCon, Ingleside Gallery, and other locations across the US. 

They are anti capitalism, anti establishment, and pro creating art that brings radical love and kindness into peoples lives.

Exhibition History

The Spooky Haus Art Collective, 2020 – Present
Founder, TGNC Art Collective

Queer And Still Here, Ingleside Gallery, 2022
Gallery Group Exhibition Artist And Selection Panelist

Trans Focus, An Anthology, Published 2021
ISBN: 9781794831872
Published Poetry Selection, “The Audacity Of The State”

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